SunPower Equinox®

Combining ultra high efficiency solar panels with factory integrated micro inverters for a true "AC” system.  The revolutionary inverters are manufactured by SunPower and performance matched to our patented panel technology.  These are the most robust and reliable micro inverters in the world and they have the warranty to prove it.

Quality Maxeon Solar Cells

Advanced solar cells unlike any other.

Maxeon® cells feature a signature black face with no visible contacts thanks to the unique and robust copper foundation on the back.  These are the highest efficiency mono-crystaline solar cells in the world with an average efficiency of 25.5%.  Nothing else even comes close.  Maxeon® cells are guaranteed to degrade at less than a minuscule .025% per year.  They also convert a much wider spectrum of light  than standard efficiency cells, so they produce up to 70% more energy in the first 25 years.  Sounds expensive right?  It's not.  Thanks to SunPower's vertically integrated business model, we can bring this incredible  technology to your roof straight from the factory at a very competitive price.  


Integrated A/C panels

Our panels feature Built-in microinverters to optimize power conversion. The inverters are factory installed and engineered to match the incredible performance of our panels, eliminating the need for ugly external inverters and the added cost of their installation.  Sold as one part by SunPower, Equinox AC modules are covered by an incredible 25 year warranty that includes parts, labor, and shipping.

As the unrivaled leader in solar technology and innovation, it makes sense that SunPower's world headquarters is right here in San Jose, CA.  SunPower is a profitable, publicly traded company.  They are majority owner by Total Corp. in France, one of the largest energy companies in the world.  So what does this mean for you?  It means the best solar warranty is also the most bankable and you can count on SunPower to be there to honor their warranty.

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Equinox® is a complete solution from a single source

AC panels with integrated inverters, an ingenious low profile attachment system, and lifetime solar monitoring via web and mobile. All engineered and manufactured by SunPower to work in complete harmony.

Equinox Solar Panels Ease of Maintenance
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The truth is in the warranty

We offer the most comprehensive system warranty in home solar. We've got you covered for 25 years, covering your entire system including performance, labor and parts.

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