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The future of the solar industry is here.  We were once a small business with small business problems like difficulties hiring and training new employees, sizeable overhead expenses, and constantly changing regulations.  Now our business has evolved to a direct sales model.  We get to know you, figure out your needs, then design and quote the perfect system for you at an incredible price.  When you're ready, we have SunPower manage your project and install your system with their own employees.  For the past decade, the solar industry has had many ups and downs (aptly known to insiders as "the solar-coaster").  So many installation companies have come and gone, voiding their workmanship warranty and leaving their customers with no one to call if they have a problem.  Our direct sales model is the perfect solution because the most bankable name in solar (SunPower) now provides both the workmanship warranty and product warranty to our clients.  Also, by not having a warehouse, administrative staff, and a fleet of installers, we virtually eliminated our overhead and can pass that savings on to you.  Let our expert designers help you get the best value and peace of mind you deserve.

We are solar experts

Here's a couple things that set us apart.

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Only SunPower

Comparing SunPower to other solar panels is like comparing Google to other search engines.  They're way far ahead of the competition.  SunPower panels use Maxeon solar cell technology for world record efficiency, robust durability, and beautiful aesthetics.  On the back of the panels you'll find SunPower's fifth generation micro inverter designed to last just as long as the panels.  Then to top it all off they provide an unbelievable 25 year warranty for both that includes parts, labor and shipping.  No other warranty can even come close.

Solar System Installed On Residential Home San Jose California

We have the answers

As SunPower's first factory direct Master Dealer, we have the knowledge, tools and support to help you decide what's right for your home.  Our experts can answer any question you have wether it's super technical, code compliance related, or you need help understanding the true costs of the financing options.

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That's actually our favorite part  =)

Ash Wagner, Founder of ProVoltz. A bay area Solar Company Small

Ash Wagner

Former United States Marine, Ash Wagner, founded ProVoltz in 2010 with a simple vision. Offer homeowners the best value possible for their residential solar investment and bring them the same customer centric business practices he learned in his family’s 3rd generation radiant heating business.

“I love to question the status quo. If we don’t continue to innovate and push beyond the standards of our industry, we can’t claim to offer the best value. That means using the highest efficiency and most reliable products and installing them with unmatched precision.”

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